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UniTV Music Sessions Presents Ez Stone

This addition of UniTV Music Sessions brings you Ez Stone with his original song 'Moroccan Whiskey'.

Directed by : Stavros Anagnou
Filmed by : Nas Hoque, Yas Hoque and Chloe Last
Lighting and additional help: James Bradley, Miiro Niemi, Will Hone

Sound recording and mixing by Lawrence Glen 

Edited by : Stavros Anagnou

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NewsHit Election Results

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Student Union Election Results.

Photos from the Badger..

Presenter: Uljana Kaukanuss
Camera: Joanna Kmieć
Editing: Jack Sauverin

Science Uncovered Live 2013

On the 6th of December 2013 we took the award winning show Science Uncovered LIVE! The show is jam packed with science fun with live experiments on oebleck and brain freeze, live music from the University of Sussex's Ukelele Society. live quiz show called battle of the brains where two members from the Life Sciences Society compete against 2 members of Q-Soc, the physic's society as well as interviews with some very special guests ... 

Francesca Greetham
Hannah Alice Howell
Imogen Ruddock
James Quinn

Expert Contributors
Hans Crombag
Ted Morrow
Natasha Sigala

Quiz Contestants

Life Sciences Society
Oscar Ferguson
Gabriela Chavez

Chris Jan Dudley
Louis Williams

Nasrin Hoque

Floor Manager
Will Hone

Technical Director
Yasmin Hoque

Rebecca Fitzgerald

Sound Director
Chloe Last

Camera Operators
Robyn Furtado
Colleen Hung
Sam Charles Curtis

Karkiu Tang

Boom Operators
Keith Leung
Kilian Tscherny 

Production and Tech Support 
Alex Anpilogov
James Bradley
Ryan Goebels
Miiro Niemi

Floor Runner
Izzy Proud

Social Media Runner
Megan Lane

Contributor Runners
Anjie Daniel
Violet Marchenkova

Rene Gonzales

House Band
Sussex Ukulele Society

Special thanks to
Chris Effner

Imogen Ruddock
Will Hone

Music - Title Sequence
The Rapture - Echoes
Album: Echoes
Label: DFA

UniTV Music Sessions Presents: Nessim Stevenson - Part 1

This is the first Music Session with Nessim Stevenson, singing two cover songs and playing on his Ukulele.


Producers: Nas Hoque, Yas Hoque and Chloe Last
Sound: Nas Hoque 
Camera Operators: Yas Hoque and Chloe Last
Editor: Nas Hoque 

UniTV Short : Crossroads

A short film created by a number of the exec of UniTV.

Director : Miiro Niemi
Producer : Will Hone
Sound : Ryan Goebels
D.O.P : James Bradley

with guest Sound Recordist : Lawrence Glen