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UniTV Freshers 2014

#SussexFreshers, UniTV is ready for you!

Society Spotlight: Brighton and Sussex Waves Cheerleaders (Episode 3)

Music: 'Waves' by Mr Probz

'There's non stop jokes when you're in a group a girls...their disgusting but it's absolutely hilarious!'

The Brighton and Sussex Waves Cheerleaders are students that are linked between the University of Sussex and also the University of Brighton. The Waves was founded in 2006 when they started out cheering for the Brighton Tsunami American Football team. The girls at the time mainly focused on dance and entered many competitions from 2006 in contemporary style dance. It was from 2007 when the girls first started stunting, since then they have encouraged many males to attend training to lift there stunts to higher levels. We have competed in the Cheer division ever since and continue to grow and succeed as a squad. In 2010 we even had the opportunity to compete in the Partnerstunt division, showing how well the squad has risen to new challenges in the world of Cheerleading. We continue to train with our passion and spirit to further promote Cheerleading throughout the UK


UniTV Showreel 2013-14


As we prepare for the academic year ahead, we proudly present to you our showreel from the past academic year, 2013-2014.

It’s been a great year at UniTV, starting off the year with Freshers Week by covering the main events each day and turning the videos around within 24hrs. This year also saw the creation of original shows; Getting Crafty and Tips on Trips alongside the release of our first short film: Crossroads and first comedy: The Sentence. UniTV continued its on-campus events coverage, covering events such as The Day of The Dead and Black History Month. October saw the release of the first episode of Let’s Cook!, an original cooking show aiming to show students how to cook simple, inexpensive food; and February saw the broadcast of the live show, Candidate Question Time.

NewsHit and ViewsBit continued, covering issues such as the on campus striking action, One World Week, and the Page 3 Debate which was organised in conjunction with The Badger. It was a great year for Science Uncovered, using the original format of the show and applying it to a new mini-series titled ‘Micro Vids’ alongside their very own live show in December which came runner up in the National Student Television People’s Choice award. Music Sessions expanded this year, broadcasting poetry and spoken work alongside acoustic artists, filming both in the studio and on location in Brighton. In April we attended the National Student Television Awards in Loughborough and took home the ‘Best Light Entertainment’ award for Let’s Cook!, an incredible achievement for a show less than a year old.

Thank You to everyone who has been part of the station over the past year; presenters, producers, editors, sound operators, camera operators, runners and everyone else in between - you’ve made this all possible. We’d also like to especially thank The Student’s Union and The University Of Sussex for supporting us.

Science Uncovered Microvids Episode 10: Why do we laugh?


Science Uncovered presents MicroVIDS very short snippets of science!

Episode 10: Why do we laugh?
Have you ever wondered why we laugh, check out this video to find out!

Presenter: Anthony Barter

Camera: Stavros Anagnou

Sound: James Quinn

Edited by: James Quinn & Stavros Anagnou

Produced by: Anthony Barter & James Quinn


Science Uncovered

Science Uncovered Episode 17: How are Storms Formed?


In the beginning of 2014, the UK was battered by a series of violent storms traveling across the atlantic ocean, causing wide scale damage to many coastal towns across England and Wales.

In this episode of Science Uncovered, we explain the reasoning of why storms occur by looking into the types of storms we encounter and what weather we can expect in the future.


Presented by Megan Lane and Anna Tkacheva

Research by Samuel Charles Curtis

Camera and sound operators:
Karkiu Tang
Samuel Curtis

Script Edited by Samuel Curtis

Edited by Samuel Curtis

Executive Producer: Imogen Ruddock

Special guest / Contributor:
Professor Martin Todd (Professor in Climate Change, Geography)

Special thanks to Callum Savage



Pharrell Williams "Gust of Wind"
From the album: "Girl"
Label: I am other, Columbia
Released: 3rd March, 2014.

Gene Kelly "Singing in the Rain"
From the film "Singin in the Rain"
Released: 27th March, 1952
Label: MGM & Metro Goldwyn Mayer

The Beatles "Here comes the Sun"
From the album: "Abbey Road"
Label: Apple
Released: 26th September 1969

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